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Our lives and health are often taken for granted, until the unexpected and unwelcome happens.

Having spent the first and second lockdown periods of the covid pandemic, making hundreds of telephone calls to provide advice and support for clinically extremely vulnerable families, Bluewindow’s Phil Carter said:

“I have personally provided mandatory training to thousands of health and social care staff over the past five years. But, during Covid, it became evident that there is no training to help prepare the hundreds of thousands of affected families across the UK.”

We tend not to prepare for life’s most challenging moments.

But what about more predictable challenges? What may we be faced with through our working lives?

Bluewindow Training exists to help prepare company employees for the more common adverse life events, such as a parent faced with a diagnosis of dementia, or a child with autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, or behavioural challenges. A partner or a loved one who suffers a stroke or cardiac event, or a family member who sustains a brain injury, or struggles with depression.

These and other adverse life events are sadly all too common and can affect a person’s ability to care for and support themselves in the short or long-term. 

“It’s evident that there’s a necessity to arm employees with knowledge in how to protect themselves and their loved ones when these challenges interrupt their home and working lives,” said Phil.

“Most people have little or no experience of what their rights and responsibilities are when dealing with such unexpected and often urgent issues.” 

The legal frameworks, regulatory bodies, statutory provisions and private sector options are not known to the vast majority of employees, until a crisis interrupts their lives. This is often too late to make informed and best interest decisions, either for themselves, or for those they love.

In all areas of life, the better informed we are, the more confident we become to meet the challenges ahead - and the less disruptive is the toll taken on our lives and our wellbeing going forward. 

To prepare staff through knowledge, is to improve their wellbeing, and subsequently, their ability to return to productivity in the workplace.

Bluewindow Training offers that knowledge. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together, supporting your staff and your company’s wellbeing and productivity.

Blue Window Training
BlueWindow Training

Our Mission Statement:

To provide high quality, up to date, practical and reassuring training, helping employers support staff wellbeing and productivity, when they or their loved ones are faced with common adverse life events.

Blue Window Training |  Employee Wellbeing | Productivity